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There's more to OCD than repetitive handwashing ⋅ ABC News

 For people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, unwanted negative thoughts can take control of their lives.

What it's like to be homeless and mentally ill ⋅ SBS Life

It's important to recognise that some homeless people have physical disability and mental illness, which compounds the stress of being... more

Overcoming social anxiety ⋅ Radio National

An explainer on what social anxiety is and available treatments. 

Vet mental health on radar ⋅ ABC News

A study underway at Murdoch University aims to get a clearer picture of the mental health status of Australia's vets.

$20 million boost for mental health reform ⋅ The Sydney Morning Herald

Community-based mental health services are set to benefit from a $20 million funding injection in Tuesday's state budget. 

Beyondblue peer program aims to help migrants ⋅ The Age

Beyondblue is running a 12 month pilot of a peer program that aims to help migrants and refugees.

NDIS funding fears ⋅ RN Breakfast

Many people will be covered by the NDIS — but there are fears those with mental illnesses are being left behind.

Tradies' breakfast helps break down barriers ⋅ The Daily Examiner

Tradies were being urged to look after themselves at a tradies' breakfast held in Grafton as part of Men’s Health Week. 

FamilyVoice seeks exemption from discrimination act ⋅ ABC News

A Christian group is lobbying for legislation to be changed so that it can discriminate against people with mental illness.

Women abused by partners have lifelong health issues ⋅ The Guardian

Women who are abused by their partner suffer physical and mental health problems that persist throughout their lifetime.