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Watch birds and be in nature for better mental health ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

A study has found that those who could readily see birds, trees and greenery were less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.

Prescribing a punch: GPs and PCYC work together to improve youth mental health ⋅ ABC News

A program in which GPs formally refer young patients to their local PCYC for exercise is seeing positive psychological and physical results... more

Night terrors, PTSD and why Sophie the labradoodle goes to university ⋅ ABC News

Ashley's life is changing through good medical help leading to the diagnosis of PTSD, and an introduction to a chocolate labradoodle named... more

Why A Mentally Healthy Workplace Really Matters ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

Statistics that count three million Australians currently being affected by anxiety or depression do not disappear at the office door.

This Video Shows You Ways To Reduce Anxiety When It Hits ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

This video explores some easy methods that may help to alleviate the mental and physical feelings of anxiety

Why seeing a psychologist is not just for the mentally ill ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

A new campaign by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), Believe in Change, says that its not just when we have mental health issues... more

Wellbeing Index reveals life got better for Australians in 2016 ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

The wellbeing index adjusts GDP to take into account changes in knowhow, health, work life, social inequality and environmental degradation... more

Athletes discuss wellbeing post sporting career ⋅ ABC News

Australian athletes have emphasised the need for more support at a younger age to help them move on when their careers end.

How The Physical Health Of People With Mental Illness Is Being Ignored ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

People with schizophrenia and psychosis die prematurely from heart attacks, heart disease and strokes as a result of untreated hypertension... more

Mental Health Unfairly Treated By Life Insurance Companies, Hearing Told ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

Beyondblue and the RANZCP told a Senate hearing that people with mental health conditions reported they had been mistreated in trying to... more