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Suicide prevention training in Eden ⋅ Bega District News

Grand Pacific Health community educator Liz Doyle has helped organise a free suicide prevention training session in Eden.

Facebook should hide suicide live stream videos ⋅ ABC News

Facebook's policy to allow the live broadcast of self-harm has attracted concern among mental health advocates.

ABC mental health quiz results help experts shape future campaigns ⋅

Were you one of the more than 16,000 people who completed ABC's How 'mental health smart' are you? quiz a couple of years back? If so, a... more

Government outlines plans to reduce use of seclusion and restraint in NSW hospitals ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

The NSW Government has announced plans to visit acute mental health units as part of a review into the use of restrictive practices ... more

Miriam Merten death leads to complete overhaul of NSW’s mental health system ⋅ Daily Telegraph

HOSPITALS will be audited, mental health laws overhauled and victims given the chance to tell their horror stories as part of the inquiry... more

What you need to know about youth mental health in regional Australia ⋅

It’s widely accepted that youth mental health is an important issue, and one of the biggest health issues facing young Australians. But a... more

Seclusion and restraint in psychiatric hospitals must end today - Ian Hickie comment ⋅

The community is genuinely shocked and appalled by the CCTV footage of the mistreatment and subsequent death of Miriam Merten at the acute... more

Craig thought being surrounded by drugs was a normal part of growing up ⋅

LIKE many kids, when he was young Craig Mack did a few odd jobs around the house. But his jobs were different to the usual. “While most... more

What it’s really like to have schizophrenia ⋅

RICHARD Schweizer knew something was terribly wrong when he was taking a shower and received the order to kill Bob Dylan. The Sydney... more

Steve ‘Commando’ Willis on battling depression after leaving the army ⋅

It turns out appearances can be very deceptive. And this point is hammered home even more when he reveals, despite seemingly having it all... more