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Why seeing a psychologist is not just for the mentally ill ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

A new campaign by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), Believe in Change, says that its not just when we have mental health issues... more

Wellbeing Index reveals life got better for Australians in 2016 ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

The wellbeing index adjusts GDP to take into account changes in knowhow, health, work life, social inequality and environmental degradation... more

Athletes discuss wellbeing post sporting career ⋅ ABC News

Australian athletes have emphasised the need for more support at a younger age to help them move on when their careers end.

How The Physical Health Of People With Mental Illness Is Being Ignored ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

People with schizophrenia and psychosis die prematurely from heart attacks, heart disease and strokes as a result of untreated hypertension... more

Mental Health Unfairly Treated By Life Insurance Companies, Hearing Told ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

Beyondblue and the RANZCP told a Senate hearing that people with mental health conditions reported they had been mistreated in trying to... more

Social media monitoring apps shine spotlight on internet addiction ⋅ ABC News

Social media monitoring apps targeting programs like Facebook and Instagram are revealing alarming habitual behaviour and extreme levels of... more

Legalising same-sex marriage linked to drop in youth suicide ⋅ Triple J Hack

Research from the USA found that in the 32 states that permitted same-sex marriage, there was a seven per cent reduction in suicide... more

Is the black dog the elephant in the room for our football codes? ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

I talk to dozens of people around footy and other codes who regularly tell me about sportspeople wrestling with the thought of suicide.

Regional fathers needed to fight against male suicide rates ⋅ Northern Star

Youngmen in regional and rural NSW are being asked to open up about their fears, expectations and experiences of fatherhood in a Deakin... more

Is a teen moody? Or depressed? ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

The hardest questions pediatricians must routinely ask teenagers at checkups are those about depression and suicide.