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Mental Health Acute Assessment Team (MHAAT) fast-tracks road to recovery ⋅ Blacktown Sun

Just under half of patients treated by the Western Sydney based MHAAT have bypassed hospital emergency wards since October 2015.

Internet addiction: are your kids at risk? ⋅ Australian Financial Review

Mental health experts have noticed a sharp rise in patients requiring treatment for online addictions, even if it’s not the main reason... more

Indigenous suicide: Struggling communities get $10 million funding boost ⋅ ABC News

A community-based support service to prevent Indigenous suicides is getting a $10 million boost as the Government begins to roll it out... more

Federal Government announces independent review of National Disability Insurance Scheme ⋅ ABC News

Treasurer Scott Morrison announced the review on Friday with a position paper to be released in May, followed by a report in September.

Physical health ignored in people with mental illness ⋅ The Conversation

Australians with serious mental illness are living on average for 10-32 years less than the rest of the population.

Depression May Be As Bad For The Heart As Obesity ⋅ Huffington Post

New research suggests that depression may be one of the top risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Most nursing home residents denied Medicare-funded psychological care, advocates say ⋅ ABC News

Older Australians living in nursing homes have some of the highest rates of depression and anxiety, but most are excluded from Medicare-... more

Social enterprise laundry gives workers a sense of purpose and belonging ⋅ ABC News Southern Queensland

Australia's largest social enterprise employment facility has been opened by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Toowoomba.

Deloitte, CBA recruit wellness experts to help staff switch off ⋅ Australian Financial Review

The highest cause of absenteeism is a mental health day, not the flu, so it is costing the country over $12 billion a year in sick leave.

Government under pressure to remove 'discriminatory' rule on elderly mental health care ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

The Mental Health Commission of NSW joins calls for repeal of Medicare rule that bars nursing home residents from accessing key... more