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Personality trait or mental disorder? The same genes may weigh in on both ⋅ The Age

Aggregating the genetic profiles of close to 261,000 people, a UCSD team has identified six regions of the human genome that are... more

Aussie Workplaces Should Give Mental Health The Royal Treatment ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

Mental illness costs Australian businesses $11 billion as a result of absenteeism and reduced performance in the workplace.

Concerns mining downturn poses unprecedented mental health challenges in Lithgow ⋅ ABC News

Community leaders in Lithgow are calling for an urgent solution to the mental health problems erupting in their once-thriving industrial... more

Managing Anxiety? Here's How To Get Through The Silly Season ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

For those who are managing social anxiety, the thought of getting through countless Christmas parties and New Year's Eve gatherings may be... more

We don’t know enough about mental health in Australian medical students ⋅ The Conversation

A Beyond Blue study found that of 1,811 medical students surveyed, one in five reported suicidal thoughts over the previous year.

The global challenge of mental health ⋅ UNSW Newsroom

Opinion: Internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy is a global solution to help the world's mentally ill overcome the many barriers... more

The Ripple Effect: Helping farming communities deal with suicide and mental health ⋅ ABC News

A brave group of farmers across Australia are sharing their stories as part of The Ripple Effect, a research and awareness program looking... more

Young women and those who don't live in the city have missed out on improvements in wellbeing ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

NAB's wellbeing report has drawn attention to how young women experience much more anxiety than the rest of the Australian population.

Pets can help people manage serious mental illness, study finds ⋅ ABC News

A study published in BMC Psychiatry has found that pets can play an important role in the daily management of long-term mental illness.

Twenty year survival shortfall for people suffering severe mental illness ⋅

Among the issues broached at the annual Society for Mental Health Research Conference was a life expectancy gap between people with and... more