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Cyberbullying top of parents' minds as teens go back to school ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

Two in five Australian parents said that cyberbullying and bullying were their biggest concerns when sending their kids back to school.

Lithium better at treating bipolar: study ⋅ SBS News

An Australian study has found lithium to be better at protecting the brains of bipolar patients than that of a newer and more popular... more

Managing mental health in the workplace: Advice for employers and employees ⋅ ABC News

Managers need to build the confidence to ask employees how they are. There is no diagnosis required, no qualifications, just as there would... more

Quarter of school children are bullied, mental health service ReachOut says ⋅ ABC News

ReachOut has released a survey of 14 to 25-year-olds showing one in four had been a victim of bullying in the past 12 months.

Centrelink debt debacle is bad policy for mental health ⋅ The Conversation

The debt recovery system could hardly have been better designed to create conditions that cause chronic stress.

Mental Health Acute Assessment Team (MHAAT) fast-tracks road to recovery ⋅ Blacktown Sun

Just under half of patients treated by the Western Sydney based MHAAT have bypassed hospital emergency wards since October 2015.

Internet addiction: are your kids at risk? ⋅ Australian Financial Review

Mental health experts have noticed a sharp rise in patients requiring treatment for online addictions, even if it’s not the main reason... more

Indigenous suicide: Struggling communities get $10 million funding boost ⋅ ABC News

A community-based support service to prevent Indigenous suicides is getting a $10 million boost as the Government begins to roll it out... more

Federal Government announces independent review of National Disability Insurance Scheme ⋅ ABC News

Treasurer Scott Morrison announced the review on Friday with a position paper to be released in May, followed by a report in September.

Physical health ignored in people with mental illness ⋅ The Conversation

Australians with serious mental illness are living on average for 10-32 years less than the rest of the population.