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Mental health in rural communities at the Easter show ⋅ Channel 7 News Sydney

The show has worked to promote open conversation about mental health, particularly for people in rural communities.

ABC One Plus One - Fay Jackson ⋅ ABC One Plus One

 Diagnosed with bipolar schizoaffective disorder at the age of 37, Fay's faced challenges and stigma for as long as she can remember.

How to spot mental illness in kids ⋅ 9 Honey

The Second Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing shows that 17 per cent of all Aussie children and... more

Culture key to suicide prevention among Indigenous Australians, experts say, ahead of global discussion ⋅ ABC News

Indigenous Australians in all age groups are up to two times more likely than non-Indigenous Australians to take their own lives.

Mental health in NDIS a ‘mistake’, says Patrick McGorry ⋅ The Australian

Professor McGorry said that "the disability model does not fit with mental illness, which is a mostly fluctuating kind of illness."

The impacts of parenting on mothers struggling with mental health issues ⋅ ABC News

Professor Buist said having a mental illness did not mean you could not parent; it may just mean you needed extra support.

Wanted: 20,000 Australians for depression study ⋅ SBS News

Australians who've been treated for clinical depression are needed for a large study designed to detect genetic factors that contribute to... more

Mark Cross: changing minds on mental health care ⋅ ABC Radio: Conversations

Dr Mark Cross is senior psychiatrist at Campbelltown Hospital, where he runs the youth ward and the community team.

Suicide Is A Society-Wide Problem That Needs A Society-Wide Solution ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

We need to do more to destigmatise suicide and empower more people to have suicide-related conversations.

Mental illness isn't the only reason for suicide ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

While the need to destigmatise mental illness goes without saying, we can no longer ignore other factors that also drive people to take... more