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Depression May Be As Bad For The Heart As Obesity ⋅ Huffington Post

New research suggests that depression may be one of the top risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Most nursing home residents denied Medicare-funded psychological care, advocates say ⋅ ABC News

Older Australians living in nursing homes have some of the highest rates of depression and anxiety, but most are excluded from Medicare-... more

Social enterprise laundry gives workers a sense of purpose and belonging ⋅ ABC News Southern Queensland

Australia's largest social enterprise employment facility has been opened by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Toowoomba.

Deloitte, CBA recruit wellness experts to help staff switch off ⋅ Australian Financial Review

The highest cause of absenteeism is a mental health day, not the flu, so it is costing the country over $12 billion a year in sick leave.

Government under pressure to remove 'discriminatory' rule on elderly mental health care ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

The Mental Health Commission of NSW joins calls for repeal of Medicare rule that bars nursing home residents from accessing key... more

Anxious kids are being left behind ⋅

One in four Australians will experience anxiety at some stage of their life, and it’s estimated that 7% of Australian kids have anxiety.

No new antidepressants despite high need ⋅ SBS News

It is likely to be at least 10 years before any new generation of antidepressants comes to market.

Universities Need An Education In Youth Mental Health ⋅ Huffington Post Australia

A significant proportion of young people grappling with mental illness are already at university, or have the potential to be participating... more

Demand for Lifelines services high over Christmas ⋅ Daily Liberal

Demand for the service at Dubbo and across the wider region was high as people struggled to deal with stress and issues including... more

Nursing home residents denied GP mental health treatment plans and psychological therapy ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

A Fairfax Media investigation has revealed the mental health of aged-care residents suffers as a result of widespread neglect attributed to... more