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Inaugural Mental Health Prize winner to use award to challenge misconceptions ⋅ ABC News

Last night the award was presented to Australian College of Mental Health Nurses chief executive Kim Ryan.

Psychosis linked to immune disorder ⋅ SBS News

Scientists at the University of Oxford have found up to one in 11 cases of psychosis may involve a condition where antibodies attack the... more

One third of world's medical students experience depression, few seek treatment ⋅ ABC News

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 27 per cent of medical students had experienced depression... more

What's the difference between burnout and stress? ⋅ Sydney Morning Herald

Most people experience stress. But there is a difference between regular stress and burnout, which is mental, physical and emotional... more

Short film The Invisible Edge uses creative arts to tackle stigma of rural youth suicide ⋅ ABC News

Film maker Ian Thomson has developed a short film aimed at overcoming the stigma rural men faced when confronting mental health issues.

More Young Australians believe mental health is one of the top three issues facing the country ⋅ ABC News

Mission Australia's Youth Survey this year found concerns about mental health across the country have doubled since 2011.

Your smartphone knows a lot about you, but what about your mental health? ⋅ The Conversation

There is an increasing number of other apps available in the Android and Apple stores aimed to support mental health and wellbeing.

Mothers of premature babies more likely to suffer depression for up to eight years, study finds ⋅ ABC News

Mothers who do not receive psychological help after giving birth prematurely are five times more likely to suffer depression.

Insurance brokers: we can improve industry’s approach ⋅ Insurance Business

Criticism of the way the insurers deal with people with mental health issues has been backed up by the industry itself.

Study finds aerobic exercise reduces PTSD symptoms ⋅ Psy Post

New research suggests that aerobic exercise may be an effective way to reduce some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.