Submit your story24 Jul 2014

The Commission is keen to hear the stories of people with a lived experience of mental illness, their families, carers or... more
Adam Schwartz

Adam's story24 May 2017

Adam Schwartz was just 10 years old when depression took hold of him for the first time. He can remember describing the... more
Kate and her dog, Milly

Kate's story13 Apr 2017

There are many links between physical health and mental wellbeing which are not fully understood, leading to gaps in... more
Scott and Katrina Campbell

Katrina’s story27 Feb 2017

There was only one week between when Katrina Campbell’s husband, Scott, first saw his GP about mounting stress, and when he... more
Karen Lesley Wells

Karen's story31 Jan 2017

Karen Lesley Wells’ lived experience of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) led to the development of the consumer-led “ECT -... more
Mahlie Jewell

Mahlie's story16 Dec 2016

Mahlie Jewell has no problem talking about her experience of living with borderline personality disorder (BPD). But finding... more
Erin Higgins

Erin's story29 Nov 2016

Through managing her mental health issues for 14 years, Erin has learned that her thoughts, concerns and past experiences... more
Barry Taylor, SWSLHD

Barry's story20 Oct 2016

Barry Taylor had no plans to work in suicide prevention; he began his professional life in the 1980s as a youth worker in... more
Oleen George

Oleen's story24 Aug 2016

Not many people understand the role and function of a forensic mental health hospital. The 135-bed Forensic Hospital, which... more
Jake Tanner

Jake's story18 Jul 2016

When Jake Tanner pulls on a costume nowadays, it’s because he’s indulging his love of cosplay, a hobby that involves... more