Unsplash photo by Meiying Ng

Jenny's story31 Mar 2016

The teens and early twenties are the most common time for the onset of mental illness, and Jenny Smith was no exception. The... more
Leanne Craze

Leanne's story16 Feb 2016

It was while reading a pile of medical textbooks in her local library, with a dictionary close at hand, that 11-year-old... more
Ross Beckley

Ross's story28 Jan 2016

“I got to about 35, 40 fatalities before I started seeing the cracks in the concrete,” says Ross Beckley. The Central Coast... more
Sheila Openshaw

Sheila's story30 Nov 2015

Sheila Openshaw loves make-up, dancing and Marilyn Monroe. She had quite the collection of Monroe pictures before deciding... more

Sandra's story29 Oct 2015

Sandra Morgan is a consumer advocate based at Queanbeyan, NSW who has a lived experience of mental illness. She applied for... more
Will and Maddie Gay

Maddie's story22 Sep 2015

Maddie Gay, 27, is about to hike her way to the top of six mountains, and she’s “equal parts excited and terrified”. She is... more
Joe Williams

Joe's story27 Aug 2015

Joe Williams knows what it’s like to live each day with a huge weight bearing down on his shoulders. During his NRL career,... more
Max Simensen

Max's story8 Jul 2015

Max remembers struggling emotionally and mentally as a very young child, and not understanding why. At 16, after years of... more
Chris Cleary

Chris's story20 May 2015

Chris Cleary, founder of StreetMed, runs the entire non-profit organisation from her dining room table and her car. She... more
Alfredo Zotti

Alfredo's story30 Apr 2015

Growing up, Alfredo felt he never had a sense of security or belonging. His father, an orchestra conductor, travelled across... more