Paula Hanlon

Paula's story13 Mar 2015

A personal story of housing and recovery This personal story was provided by Ms Paula Hanlon. Ms Hanlon is a member of the... more
Photo of Emily Kerr

Emily's story26 Feb 2015

24 year old Emily Kerr has just started her first job after two and a half years on a disability support pension for severe... more
Photo of Kylie Smith

Kylie's story28 Jan 2015

Two years ago, Kylie Smith hit rock bottom. She was experiencing postnatal depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and... more
Photo of Nic Newling

Nic's story27 Nov 2014

Nic Newling is a dedicated advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. He travels around the country speaking about... more
Photo of Anna

Anna's story3 Oct 2014

"I act out and things get on my nerves. Why can't I do what I want to do?" Anna “Inside my house it’s Italia. Outside it’s... more
Photo of Maia and her mother Michele

Maia's story3 Oct 2014

"It's a disability blindness. People see one disability and they don't see anything else ... It's an error of thinking, and... more
Photo of Donna Stanley

Donna Stanley's story3 Oct 2014

"There's always going to be a place for Aboriginal people. We bring a unique set of skills in terms of our cultural... more
Photo of Anthony Mannix

Anthony Mannix's story3 Oct 2014

Art and experience "It was all very, 'bring somebody in for six weeks, patch them up and send them out. And don't worry... more
Photo of Alison Green

Alison Green's story3 Oct 2014

Responding to people's trauma "We've got a long way to go with engaging other multidisciplinary staff and staff who have... more
Photo of Charles and Ben

Charles Thompson and Ben Robert's stories3 Oct 2014

A new approach to acute care "Staff accepted and understood that people should be seen in their home ... rather than seeing... more