Priority 4: Promoting wellbeing and resilience

Good mental health and wellbeing are not only about happiness. They are the foundation stones for positive life choices, strong relationships, supportive communities and the capacity to cope in adversity. A growing body of research evidence shows wellbeing and resilience are not a matter of chance, but can be directly influenced by individual and community-wide strategies.

This is a 2015-18 priority because

  • We must not waste any opportunity to help people, families and communities build their own their capacity to live well. If we act on what we know we can, over time, reduce the number of people who develop mental illness and need extra support and take the pressure off our strained mental health services.
  • Developing mental wellbeing is a sound investment. It allows people to contribute socially and economically to their full potential.

2015-16 Projects

Prevention, Promotion and Early Intervention Evidence Guide

The Commission has engaged the Hunter Institute for Mental Health to produce a Prevention and Early Intervention Evidence Guide that will examine the evidence base for promotion of mental health and wellbeing, prevention of mental illness, and early intervention when people develop or are at risk of mental illness. The Guide will also highlight any gaps in the evidence. Based upon these findings, the Guide will include a business case for the reinvestment and reorientation of mental health services, programs and systems to respond before mental illness arises or earlier in its course.

Strategic Plan Action 8.5

Wellbeing Collaborative

The Commission was instrumental in the launch in early 2015 of the Collaborative, a group of Government and community-managed organisations which supports wellbeing initiatives, shares knowledge about wellbeing and promotes innovative wellbeing activities. It aims to embed consideration of mental health and wellbeing across the design of programs and policies, and in workplaces and the community more generally. The Commission will extend this work by continuing liaison with early adopters of wellbeing approaches, and by supporting the engagement of registered training organisations to deliver Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment training.

Strategic Plan Actions 3.1.1 and 3.1.3

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