Priority 6: Monitoring and reporting programs

We do not know enough about the functioning of support services for people who experience mental illness. We know some things about how many people receive services, and what type, but much too little about whether they are contributing to positive changes in people’s lives.

This is a 2015-18 priority because

  • In determining what to measure and how to measure it, we create a clear and objective understanding about the core elements of mental health reform in NSW
  • By focusing on measures explicitly linked to improving mental health consumers’ journey through the system and supporting their recovery – including their own views about the support they receive – we orient the reform process from the outset towards the things that matter most.
  • In reporting directly to Parliament on issues that affect the lives of people who experience mental illness, the Commission has a unique opportunity to shine a light on particular problems and nurture a consensus for change at the highest levels.

2015-2017 Projects

Insights Report: Performance of Mental Health Care Services

Public mental health services in NSW currently collect a range of data on consumers and services provided. The NSW Ministry of Health routinely prepares internal reports on this data for NSW Health staff to inform performance management, quality improvement and benchmarking initiatives, and also uses it for state and national level reporting. This same data could also form the basis of comprehensive public monitoring and reporting about NSW public mental health services. The Commission has funded the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) to develop an inaugural report on public mental health services, due for completion by the end of 2015. The production of the Insights Report: Performance of Mental Health Care Services is a collaborative activity between the Commission, the BHI and the NSW Ministry of Health.

Living Well Actions 2.1.5 and 2.1.6

Measuring Consumer Experience of Care – the YES information technology pilot

Information about consumers’ experiences of care is essential to promoting positive experiences and outcomes. A national measure has been developed, known as Your Experiences of Service (YES), which will replace the current NSW survey, MH-CoPES. The Commission is working with the NSW Ministry of Health (InforMH), NSW Being and the Mental Health Coordinating Council to enhance the collection of YES data and its use by public and community-managed mental health services, including the development of a pilot project to examine how information technology can best support YES.

Living Well Action 2.1.4

Development of data, measures and indicators

The NSW Government is developing a set of indicators or markers for change, which will show how much progress is being made towards mental health reform. The Commission will monitor the progress of mental health reform from the perspectives of consumers and their families and carers. These people are best placed to tell us whether mental health services are effective and achieving the goals of reform. The Commission will visit local communities to see services in action, hold community meetings, and hear people’s experiences first-hand.

Living Well Actions 9.1 and 9.5

Last updated: 18 May 2017

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