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Last updated: 5 April 2017

Annual reports

Annual Report 2015-201617 November 2016

This is the Annual Report of the Mental Health Commission of New South Wales for 2015-16.  This year the Living Well reforms... more

Annual Report 2014-201520 November 2015

This is the Annual Report of the Mental Health Commission of New South Wales for 2014-15.  In December 2014, the NSW... more

Annual Report 2013-201424 November 2014

This is the Annual Report of the Mental Health Commission of New South Wales for 2013-14. This has been a year of great... more

Annual Report 2012-201331 October 2013

The Commission's inaugural Annual Report - looking back over our first year. more

Reports and resources

Health Justice Partnerships in New South Wales: Position Paper29 March 2017

Local partnerships between legal and health services could act as a powerful early intervention program and improve access... more

Stigma and discrimination in NSW6 March 2017

To support conversations and actions that reduce stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness, the... more

The effectiveness of services led or run by consumers in mental health: Rapid review of evidence for recovery-orientated outcomes1 August 2016

Mental health services controlled and run by people with lived experience of mental illness (‘consumers’) are effective in... more

Mental health and wellbeing strategy for first responder organisations in NSW12 October 2016

This strategy sets out the commitment of NSW first responder agencies to promote and protect the mental health and wellbeing... more

One year on24 February 2016

Twelve months after the launch of Living Well and the NSW Government’s commitment to adopt and implement all its actions for... more


Disability Employment Services submission6 March 2017

In 2012 only 53% of people with a disability were working or looking for work. This compares to 83% for people without... more

A City for All Draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-202114 June 2017

The Commission commends the City of Sydney on A City for All Draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021. The Plan... more

Foundations for change: Homelessness in NSW31 October 2016

Homelessness is a systemic issue that affects people who have a mental illness. Homelessness and mental illness co-occur... more

NSW Youth Health Policy Consultation31 October 2016

Mental health problems are common among young people in Australia and if not addressed can have long-lasting and costly... more

Delivery of outcomes under the National Disability Strategy 2010-202027 April 2017

Submission to the Commonwealth Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs on the inquiry into the delivery of outcomes... more

Accessible data

Access to mental health services: Snapshot3 April 2017

For people living in NSW, 2011 Everyone deserves quality mental health support that puts them and their own needs at the... more

Disadvantage: Snapshot3 April 2017

For people living in NSW with a mental health condition, 2014 Decades of research have shown the way stress and mental... more

Patterns of treatment: Snapshot3 April 2017

Mental health service use among people living in NSW who use medications for mental health, 2011 In 2015, the Commission... more

Psychological distress and health14 September 2016

In any given month one in eight people in NSW will experience high levels of psychological distress, and nearly half of all... more

Suicide in NSW - by Aboriginal status3 April 2017

Interactive graphs Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' culture has proved its resilience by surviving intact and... more

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