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Last updated: 5 April 2017

Health Justice Partnerships in New South Wales: Position Paper29 March 2017

Local partnerships between legal and health services could act as a powerful early intervention program and improve access... more

Stigma and discrimination in NSW6 March 2017

To support conversations and actions that reduce stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness, the... more

The effectiveness of services led or run by consumers in mental health: Rapid review of evidence for recovery-orientated outcomes1 August 2016

Mental health services controlled and run by people with lived experience of mental illness (‘consumers’) are effective in... more

Mental health and wellbeing strategy for first responder organisations in NSW12 October 2016

This strategy sets out the commitment of NSW first responder agencies to promote and protect the mental health and wellbeing... more

One year on24 February 2016

Twelve months after the launch of Living Well and the NSW Government’s commitment to adopt and implement all its actions for... more

Physical health and mental wellbeing: an evidence guide13 April 2016

The chronic physical health problems and premature deaths of many people who experience mental illness are not acceptable.... more

Proposed Suicide Prevention Framework for NSW10 August 2015

Mr Feneley launched the Proposed Suicide Prevention Framework for NSW  at a National Suicide Prevention Summit at Parliament... more

Community visit reports 201514 March 2016

These reports profile the Commission’s 2015 visits to: more

Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014-202415 December 2014

The Strategic Plan sets out actions and future directions for reform of the mental health system in NSW. It maps a demanding... more

Medication and Mental Illness: Perspectives2 December 2015

The development of Medication and Mental Illness: Perspectives was undertaken to explore the challenges and opportunities... more


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