Last updated: 5 April 2017

Delivery of outcomes under the National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 to build inclusive and accessible communities27 April 2017

Submission to the Commonwealth Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs on the inquiry into the delivery of outcomes... more

Disability Employment Services submission6 March 2017

In 2012 only 53% of people with a disability were working or looking for work. This compares to 83% for people without... more

Foundations for change: Homelessness in NSW31 October 2016

Homelessness is a systemic issue that affects people who have a mental illness. Homelessness and mental illness co-occur... more

NSW Youth Health Policy Consultation31 October 2016

Mental health problems are common among young people in Australia and if not addressed can have long-lasting and costly... more

Provision of services under the NDIS10 March 2017

The Commission is concerned that the full transition of Commonwealth funded services to the NDIS will see a cohort of... more

Review of the Guardianship Act 1987 (NSW)16 February 2017

Since the introduction of the Guardianship Act 1987 (NSW) (the Act), there has been a significant shift in the way the... more

University of Sydney Medical School14 December 2016

The history of mental health treatment in NSW, Australia and internationally, has been very difficult and sometimes... more

Indefinite detention of people with cognitive and psychiatric impairment in Australia13 April 2016

People with cognitive and psychiatric impairment in NSW can be detained as forensic patients in a mental health facility,... more

Art and mental health22 January 2016

The Commission put together a submission to the NSW Minister for Health, who set up a Taskforce on Health and the Arts in... more

Mental health recovery and social housing13 March 2015

This is a submission the Commission prepared in response to a request to the community from Family and Community Services... more

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