Mr John Feneley (Chair), Professor Alan Rosen, Ms Judith Mackson, Prof Andrew McLachlan, Ms Kerin O’Halloran, Dr Titia Sprague, Ms Sam Stott, Dr Michael Tam, Associate Professor Timothy Wand, Associate Professor Timothy Chen 


Mr Daniel Greaves, Mr Be Aadam, Ms Kaye Stanton, Ms Bridget Berry, Ms Judith Nicholas, Dr Saretta Lee 


Dr Murray Wright, Ms Kylie Smith, Dr Katherine Gill 


Ms Danielle Keogh

1. Welcome and apologies

The Commissioner welcomed members and guests to the meeting. The apologies of Dr Murray Wright, Ms Kylie Smith, and Dr Katherine Gill were accepted. 

2. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held 14 March 2016 were accepted. 

3. Commissioner update

The Commission hosted a guest lecture by Dr Arthur Evans on 'Promoting Mentally Healthy Cities'. Dr Evans is Commissioner of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS). Dr. Evans has measurably improved the mental health of communities and lowered treatment costs in Philadelphia by taking solutions to the people rather than waiting for people to come for treatment.

The Commission is working with first responder agencies to educate front line staff about the increased risk of mental health problems due to nature of their work, and to reduce the stigma that prevents help-seeking. 

4. Medication project

Danielle Keogh updated the group on the work of the medication project since the previous meeting. This work includes; members of the advisory group presenting at the NPS Symposium, Canberra, May 2016; a Commission presentation at TheMHS conference in Auckland, August 2016; a meeting with HETI regarding learning activities for medical and nursing students. 

5. Medication postcard

Sam Stott explained to the group the postcard idea that was discussed at the previous meeting. The group agreed that a postcard for consumers and carers to use as a prompt with clinicians to start conversations about the quality use of medicines was a good idea.

The group discussed the design and copy of the postcard. It was agreed that the engagement of all stakeholders was important to the success of the postcard, and that the postcard should therefore be developed in conjunction with consumers, carers, general practitioners, psychiatrists, and pharmacists.

The Commission will work on the design and copy of the postcard and distribute to members for comment. Some members of the group will trial the postcard, and report back on amendments required. An interim meeting of the group may be called to discuss this feedback and determine next steps. 

6. Next meeting

To be held early 2017, date to be advised. 

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Last updated: 3 June 2017