Mr John Feneley (Chair), Professor Alan Rosen, Prof Andrew McLachlan, Ms Kerin O’Halloran, Associate Professor Timothy Wand, Dr Michael Tam, Ms Judith Mackson, Dr Titia Sprague


Associate Professor Tim Chen, Ms Sam Stott, Dr Rod McKay, Dr Murray Wright  


Ms Danielle Keogh

Other attendees

Mr Carlton Quartly

1. Welcome and apologies

The Commissioner welcomed members. The apologies noted above were accepted.

2. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held 23 March 2015 were accepted. 

3. Commissioner update

John Feneley updated members on the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) exchange he recently attended in Canada. Australia and New Zealand will co-host the event in March 2017. Members were asked to consider possible exchanges and encouraged to take part. Alan Rosen noted there are good examples from NSW in terms of pharmacotherapy and holistic health, for example, Bondi Youth Mental Health, and Collaborative Centre for Cardiometabolic Health in Psychosis (ccCHiP) at Concord Hospital. 

4. Medication and mental illness paper

Danielle Keogh thanked the group for their contributions to the paper. The group was told that the paper is almost finalised. Good practice examples are still to be added and the group was encouraged to suggest these for inclusion.

Ms Keogh told the group that the Commission will produce an 8 – 10 minute video that will highlight the six key themes of the paper and can be used as a resource to influence prescribing practices. The video will feature clinicians, consumers and carers. Members of the group said that the NPS Medicine Wise videos of consumers talking about medication are a powerful resource and agreed that a similar product to accompany the Commission’s Medication and Mental Illness paper would be useful.

Ms Keogh told the group that the paper would be launched on 2 December 2015. All members of the group are invited to attend. Members of the group are also encouraged to suggest names of people or agencies who would benefit from knowing about the paper. 

5. Member update

Sam Stott who was an apology at the meeting had asked for the off-label prescribing of quetiapine to be placed on the agenda. As Ms Stott was not at the meeting it was agreed to hold this agenda item over to the next meeting.

The group agreed that the next meeting should be an opportunity to discuss and agree the group’s focus for the new year.

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Last updated: 3 June 2017