This is the Annual Report of the Mental Health Commission of New South Wales for 2015-16. 

This year the Living Well reforms became deeply embedded in systems and services, making a real difference to people who experience mental illness and inspiring those who work to support them.

Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW: 2014-2024 has proven to be a potent catalyst for change and a manifesto of hope for mental health consumers, and their families and carers, across NSW. It has become a by-word for positive change and a number of Local Health Districts (LHDs) have developed mental health plans for their regions, which take Living Well as their blueprint and play out its principles according to the particular needs of their communities.

The Commission is now a mature organisation with a revised organisational structure to help it meet the challenges ahead in supporting innovative and effective mental practice delivered at a local level by a great diversity of service providers, and in monitoring and reporting on system change.

Read about these and other Commission work in the 2015-16 Annual Report - PDF format (3.6 MB)

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Last updated: 27 November 2017