Murray Bleach, Thomas Brideson, Karen Burns (Chair), Maria Cassaniti, Sue Cripps, John Feneley (NSW Mental Health Commissioner), Paula Hanlon, Tim Heffernan, Cathy Kezelman (apologies provided for first portion of meeting), Christopher Maylea, Diana McKay, Jenni Campbell, Brian Pezzutti, Vince Ponzio, Yvonne Quadros, Russell Roberts, Erica Roy

Katrina Davis (Mental Health Commission of NSW)

Other attendees
Sarah Hanson (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Kerri Lawrence (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Fay Jackson (Mental Health Commission of NSW)

Sebastian Rosenberg (Synergia)
Phillip Gandar (Synergia)

1. Acknowledgements

  • Thomas Brideson provided an Acknowledgement of Country. 
  • Paula Hanlon provided an Acknowledgement of People with Lived Experience of Mental Illness.

2. Welcome

Karen Burns and John Feneley welcomed attendees.

3. Update on development of draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW

John Feneley provided an update on the work to date on the development of the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW and the likely next stages of the reform process.  

MOTION: It is the Council’s strong view that a key aspect of mental health reform is a whole of government approach which requires all government departments, not just the Ministry of Health, to actively engage with the reform process. The Council recommends that the Department of Premier and Cabinet should oversight responsibility for reform.

PROPOSED: Russell Roberts; SECONDED: Jenni Campbell

VOTE: motion carried

4. Reform strategy discussion

Council members discussed issues and provided feedback in relation to the circulated Reform Strategy/Action Plan document, the key document of the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW.

ACTION 2014.01: Jenni Campbell to mock up a revised format for the Reform Strategy/Action Plan documentto enable easier navigation.

ACTION 2014.02: Commission to distribute list of specialist papers that have been developed. Council members to request access to most relevant papers.

ACTION 2014.03: Council members to send additional feedback to Commission by COB 24 February 2014 on the Reform Strategy/Action Plan document.

ACTION 2014.04: Commission to seek Council members’ feedback on a future version of the Reform Strategy/Action Plan document.

ACTION 2014.05: Commission to consult Council members about date for additional meeting in six week’s time.  

Download Word version of Minutes (135 KB).

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Last updated: 3 June 2017