Murray Bleach, Thomas Brideson, Karen Burns (Chair), Maria Cassaniti, Sue Cripps, John Feneley (NSW Mental Health Commissioner), Tim Heffernan, Cathy Kezelman, Christopher Maylea, Diana McKay, Jenni Campbell, Brian Pezzutti, Vince Ponzio, Erica Roy

Paula Hanlon, Yvonne Quadros, Russell Roberts

Katrina Davis (Mental Health Commission of NSW)

Other attendees
Darryl O'Donnell (Mental Health Commission of NSW)

Julie Robotham (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Cosetta Bosi (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Lisa Sandrk (Mental Health Commission of NSW)

1. Acknowledgements

Thomas Brideson provided an Acknowledgement of Country. Christopher Maylea provided an Acknowledgement of People with Lived Experience of Mental Illness. 

2. Welcome

Karen Burns welcomed attendees and noted apologies.

3. Living Well Report

John Feneley provided an update on the status of the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW. Two documents have been prepared – the draft Plan and an accompanying report. They have been submitted to government.

Julie Robotham and Cosetta Bosi spoke about the development of the report. The report presents numerous stories of lived experience of mental illness and reflects the experiences and hopes that were shared with the Commission throughout the consultation process for the draft Plan. 

The report will be made accessible to the community through a package of materials and tools that are currently being developed.

It is hoped that the report will be launched at the same time as the Strategic Plan, with a final decision dependent upon the timing of the Government’s consideration of the Plan.

Council members provided a range of suggestions for the dissemination of the report in relation to tools, forums, and partners.  

4. Living Well Strategic Plan

John Feneley provided a high level overview of the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW which has now been submitted to government.

Council members provided a number of observations in relation to engagement and mobilisation strategies regarding the consideration and implementation of the Strategic Plan.  

5. Update on activities of the Mental Health Commission of NSW 

Darryl O’Donnell provided an update on the projects of the Commission including:

  • Work with other NSW Health agencies
  • Components of community care paper
  • Suicide prevention
  • Research and knowledge sharing
  • Review of the Mental Health Act
  • Review of the Institute of Psychiatry
  • Work with NGO partners
  • Wellbeing projects
  • Community engagement

ACTION 2014.06: Commission to forward information about the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership to Council members.

ACTION 2014.07: Commission to seek information about the implementation of the New Zealand Canterbury Pathways model in the Hunter region and forward to Council members.

6. Monitoring and review functions of the Mental Health Commission of NSW

John Feneley and Darryl O’Donnell initiated a discussion about the Commission’s ongoing monitoring and review functions especially in relation to implementation of the Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW.

Discussion points included the balance between qualitative evaluation and hard targets and data, the varied types of indicators that are important, and the likely challenges.  

ACTION 2014.08: Jenni Campbell to forward Reality Bites video to Council members as an example of narrative and qualitative monitoring and review.

7. Council member update

Council members were invited to share feedback from their communities or report any significant developments relevant to the Commission’s work. Issues canvassed included:

  • Investment in services for hard-to-reach populations
  • Commissioning of homelessness services
  • Responses to trauma
  • Impact of federal budget on service delivery in NSW
  • Cross sector partnerships
  • Mental health resources in aged care
  • Consumer workforce
  • Recovery Colleges  
  • Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing and Aboriginal mental health workforce
  • Integrated care
  • Access to resources in country areas
  • Intellectual Disability and justice and forensic mental health
  • Future directions for mental health NGOs
  • Physical health of people living with mental illness 
  • Employment support for young people with mental illness

ACTION 2014.09: Commission to distribute information on speakers at the Building Community Sector Forum held earlier in 2014.

8. Performance review

12 months have elapsed since the establishment of the Council. As per the Terms of Reference, a performance review will be conducted. The Council Chair is currently working with the Secretariat to develop a tool for this review.

ACTION 2014.10: Chair to lead performance review of Council.

9. Workplan review

It was noted that the Council needs to develop a forward workplan now that the development of the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW has been completed.

ACTION 2014.11: Council to consider workplan at next meeting.

10. Actions arising from previous meetings

Council members noted the Log of Action Items.

11. Other business

ACTION 2014.12: Commission to distribute Essential Components of Care document to Council members for feedback.

12. Next meetings

ACTION 2014.13: Commission to seek feedback on suggested dates for meetings to be held over the next 12 months. 

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Last updated: 3 June 2017