Thomas Brideson, Karen Burns (Chair), Maria Cassaniti, John Feneley (NSW Mental Health Commissioner), Paula Hanlon, Tim Heffernan, Cathy Kezelman, Christopher Maylea, Jenni Campbell, Brian Pezzutti, Vince Ponzio, Yvonne Quadros , Russell Roberts, Erica Roy

Murray Bleach, Sue Cripps, Diana McKay

Katrina Davis (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Jamie Macdonald – Acting (Mental Health Commission of NSW)

Other attendees
Darryl O’Donnell (Mental Health Commission of NSW)

Sage Green (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Kerri Lawrence (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Carlton Quartly (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Julie Robotham (Mental Health Commission of NSW)
Joanna Durney (Mental Health Commission of NSW)

1. Acknowledgements

Thomas Brideson provided an Acknowledgement of Country. Tim Heffernan provided an Acknowledgement of People with Lived Experience of Mental Illness.

2. Welcome

Karen Burns welcomed attendees and noted apologies. It was noted that each team within the Mental Health Commission of NSW will be providing updates against their work portfolios.

3. Update on Strategic Plan

The Commissioner provided a brief update on the status of the draft Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW. It was noted that the draft Plan is still being considered by the Government, with positive discussions held to date with key agencies with regard to the draft Plan and the whole-of-government response.

A brief discussion was then held about the launch of the draft Plan. It was noted that the Communications and Stakeholder Relations team would be providing an update to Council members during the meeting with regard to the work progressed to date around the launch of the draft Plan.

The Commission will inform Council members of launch details once they are confirmed.

ACTION 2014.14 Commissioner to update Council members on the launch of the draft Plan.

4. Member update

The Council Chair tabled the Council member’s Update Paper. Members were then invited to share feedback from their communities or report any significant developments relevant to the Commission’s work.

Issues canvassed included:

  • Launch of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership in Mental Health group;
  • Communication about progress of the draft Plan;
  • Awareness raising activities around child abuse and childhood trauma;
  • The impacts of the work around the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), specifically as it relates to mental health and mental illness;
  • Local work conducted against OCHRE: Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility, Empowerment. NSW Government Plan for Aboriginal affairs;
  • Work being progressed towards the establishment of Primary Health Networks;
  • Psychology services program for residential aged care sector;
  • Peer workforce issues, including the Consumer Workers’ Forum framework, peer supervision, and public health consumer workforce shortages;
  • Update on the Recovery College at St George Hospital;
  • Linking data from the Transcultural Mental Health Centre call centre to understand the needs of Local Health Districts in regard to multicultural competencies and needs;
  • Issues around gathering localised data on suicide; and,
  • Project being conducted regarding forensic patients across NSW.

ACTION 2014.15 Yvonne Quadros to provide details regarding carer issues in her local area.

ACTION 2014.16 Yvonne Quadros to provide details regarding changes to the Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMS) services.

ACTION 2014.17 Commission to follow up on the Consumer Workers’ Forum Framework with the NSW Ministry of Health and NSW Consumer Advisory Group – Mental Health Inc.

5.Identification of priorities for future council consideration

The Chair noted that the information provided by Council members is invaluable. Further, it was agreed that it would be important for the Council to establish priorities for their discussions during the meeting on a smaller group of issues. It was proposed that Council members hold a teleconference one month prior to each meeting, for a trial period, in order to decide on a list of topics to cover.

Members then discussed a mechanism to be able to draw particular attention towards member updates. It was proposed that members could select against each update whether it was for noting or recommended for further discussion and action.

ACTION 2014.18: Chair to discuss with Secretariat a method to organise a teleconference one month out from each Council meeting for a trial period.

6. Update on the activities of the Mental Health Commission of NSW

The Commissioner provided a brief overview of the Commission’s organisation structure. It was then explained that each team would be providing a short presentation about activity being conducted at the Commission.

The Communications and Stakeholder Relations team provided an update on the Commission’s social media activities. Council members were encouraged to follow and engage with the Commission through social media. Further, members were asked to send through ideas for stories and tweets. A brief discussion was then held around how the Commission will extend its reach to a wide range of communities.

The Manager, Accountability and Review provided an overview of the team. It was explained that the work of the team was guided by the requirements of the Act and the values of the Commission.

The Strategy and Policy team provided an update of some of the presentations by Commission staff at The Mental Health Services Conference 2014 in Perth.

7. NGO partnerships

The Manager, Strategy and Policy presented on work being conducted by the Commission with the non-government sector, including with the Commission’s non-government organisation (NGO) partners and NGOs more broadly.

Council members received a paper providing an overview of the factors that influenced the growth and development of NGOs providing community-based mental health services across New Zealand. It was then noted that the Commission, in partnership with Mental Health Coordinating Council, held a Building the Community Sector Forum.

A discussion was then held around the future of NGO funding arrangements. Particular reference was made to the collaborative relationships that need to exist between NGOs, Local Health Districts, the Mental Health Coordinating Council, the NSW Ministry of Health and the Commission.

8. Sector review visits

The Manager, Accountability and Review provided an update on the proposed process regarding Sector Review Visits, seeking input from Council members.
Background was provided around the role of the Commission in tracking the progress of the implementation of the draft Plan.

It was noted that the Sector Review Visits will be resource intensive, with a need for the Commission to meet with a range of stakeholders to highlight what is and is not going well. The model to be used is based off a similar concept used in New Zealand.

An overview was then provided of what a Sector Review Visit might look like. It was explained that the review would be a rolling program, with a review to be conducted over a two-three day period. It was noted that the review would not solely look at health services, and would encompass all services within a local area.

Council members were then invited to provide feedback on the proposed Sector Review Visit format. Feedback included the need to ensure open communication and feedback; wide engagement with a variety of consumers, carers and community groups; and the importance of maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders.

9. Strategic Plan launch and post-launch stakeholder events and engagement

The Manager, Communications and Stakeholder Relations provided an update on Strategic Plan launch and post-launch stakeholder events. It was noted that this would provide an opportunity for the Commission to engage with the community more deeply.

It was noted that it will be important to have a community, consumer and carer presence at the launch events.

The use of social media to promote the launch of the draft Plan was considered. A discussion was then held around what Council members can do to assist in promoting the launch of the draft Plan.

10. Performance review

The Council Chair tabled the performance review of the Council. The support of the Secretariat for the Council was particularly noted.

A brief discussion was then held around the best technology to use to capture information collected by members of the Council. In particular, members discussed how they would bring information to the attention of the Commission as it comes up out of session. It was noted that the protocol would be to contact the Commissioner of anything sensitive, otherwise send through to the Secretariat.

ACTION 2014.20 Secretariat to send out details for Commissioner to Council members.

11. Action log

Karen Burns tabled the Action Log Items. Council members noted the Action Log Items.

ACTION 2014.21 Commission to forward to Council members work done so far on Lived Experience Framework .

ACTION 2014.22 Paula to circulate information on peer workforce supervision.

12. Next meetings

Next meeting scheduled for 21 November 2014. A teleconference will be held in October one month prior to the meeting.

ACTION 2014.23 Commission update briefing to be circulated to Council members prior to the next meeting.

13. Other business

Katrina Davis provided a brief update on the activities of a Commission-supported working group to scope the functions of a proposed NSW Wellbeing Collaborative.

ACTION 2014.23 Commission to provide information to Council members regarding the proposed NSW Wellbeing Collaborative.

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Last updated: 3 June 2017