How we work

  • We are driven by the lived experience of people with mental health issues and caring.
  • We are open, transparent and accountable.
  • We work in partnership with people with a lived experience of mental health issues and caring, their families and kinship groups, and with stakeholders across all levels of government and non-government sectors, including housing, employment, health, education and justice.
  • We will keep well informed on mental health issues through the Community Advisory Council and by maintaining broad networks.
  • We acknowledge and respect the perspective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on mental health.
  • We will drive the reform of the NSW mental health system and will monitor the progress of government and non-government sectors towards agreed goals.
  • We will promote innovation, share knowledge and encourage cooperation to ensure that best practice continues to evolve, and to ensure that it is disseminated rapidly around the state.
  • We will address stigma and discrimination.

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Last updated: 20 December 2018