What is working well in Ballina?

The commission held a consultation in Ballina  on the 25th of July. People attending our workshop in Ballina reported that: 

  • there is less stigma and more high-profile people are talking about mental health issues
  • there is an increase of peer workers and peer groups, which supports people to understand and connect
  • the local community is safe and resilient and responsive to issues

What are the challenges in Ballina?

People attending our Ballina workshop reported that: 

  • there is limited affordable housing and transport to get to appointments
  • there are staff recruitment and resourcing issues, including an ageing workforce
  • short funding cycles and tendering processes have negative impacts on the sector
  • navigating the system is difficult, especially finding somewhere to go when in crisis 

What are the priorities for Ballina?

People attending our workshop in Ballina ranked the following as top priorities for future effort in mental health reform: 

  • increase access to specialist children’s services and perinatal health
  • funding for mental health emergency services and crisis 
  • affordable housing and increase the availability of different types of housing 
  • address workforce shortages, training, development and self-care strategies for mental health workers