Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of people in later life is vital as our population ages

We invite individuals and organisations to endorse the 11 principles by adding your name below:

  1. Promote prevention and early intervention in later life
  2. Eliminate ageism and related stigma and discrimination
  3. Increase participation of older people in the decisions which affect them
  4. Increase ageing-friendly, culturally informed and accessible services and information
  5. Reduce suicide and suicide risk in older people
  6. Implement person-centred, trauma-informed recovery-focused
  7. Increase the focus on mental health as being equally important as physical health in care responses for older people
  8. Increase the number and capacity of specialist services for older people in line with population ageing
  9. Increase workforce knowledge and skills
  10. Reduce service fragmentation and access barriers through improved governance,care pathways and funding models at federal, state and local levels
  11. Promote the quality use of medicines for older people

Download Living Well in Later Life: A Statement of Principles
Download Living Well in Later Life: The Case for Change

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