Copyright in the information which appears on the NSW Mental Health Commission website is subject to the operation of the Copyright Act 1968, vested in the Crown in the right of the State of New South Wales.

What information can I reproduce from the NSW Mental Health Commission website?

This work is copyright and all rights are reserved. However, you may copy and publish material from this website without the permission of the NSW Mental Health Commission on the condition that the meaning of the material is not altered and the NSW Mental Health Commission is acknowledged as the source of the material.

How can I apply to the NSW Mental Health Commission for formal permission to reproduce information?

In the event that you wish to reproduce, alter, store or transmit the material that appears on the NSW Mental Health Commission website for commercial use, please contact:

Manager Stakeholder Engagement and Communications
NSW Mental Health Commission
Locked Bag 5013 Gladesville NSW 1675
Ph: (02) 9859 5200  

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Last updated: 23 September 2020