The Mental Health Commission Act 2012 provides for the appointment of one or more Deputy Mental Health Commissioners to assist with the NSW Mental Health Commission’s objective of monitoring, reviewing and improving the mental health and wellbeing of the people of NSW.  The Commission is now seeking expressions of interest for appointments as part-time Deputy Mental Health Commissioners. The Deputy Commissioners are appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the Minister for Mental Health and Cabinet. 

Deputy Commissioners report to the Mental Health Commissioner and are broadly responsible for providing guidance and policy advice in their areas of specific expertise, and for engaging with the community. They form part of the public face of the Commission. The Commissioner both directs and collaborates with the Deputy Commissioners.

Key accountabilities include:

  • Represent the Commissioner as requested at meetings, stakeholder forums, roundtables and public events.
  • Act as a public advocate for the work of the Commission.
  • Provide specialist guidance, policy advice and support to the Commissioner as requested on relevant issues and areas related to specific areas of expertise.
  • Maintain linkages with key stakeholder groups and sector representatives and report back on issues of concern.
  • Assist and work with Commission staff members as requested on projects.
  • Support the effective representation of stakeholders in the work of the Commission.
  • Act in accordance with the NSW Mental Health Commission’s Deputy Commissioner Code of Conduct.
  • Prepare for and attend full day meetings of the Deputy Commissioners at the Commission’s offices. 
  • Prepare for and attend full day meetings of the Deputy Commissioners in rural and regional locations. 

Deputy Commissioners will receive administrative support and assistance from Commission staff in executing their Deputy Commissioner role.  

Expressions of interest are sought widely from people in NSW. At least one Deputy Commissioner must be a person who has or has had a mental illness. The Commission also seek candidates who are Aboriginal, families and carers of people with mental health issues, from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, from regional and remote communities, young, and those who identify as LGBTQI. The Commission is also interested in candidates who can represent the views of people with mental health issues who also experience co-existing issues such as drug and alcohol use and/or disability or have had contact with the criminal justice system. People with experiences working in the mental health and social services sectors are also encouraged to apply.  Please ensure that your application sets out your relevant experience and expertise and ability to represent these groups. 

Over the period of this appointment the Commission’s work will be focused on the priorities of the Commission’s Key Directions 2018-2023 and its response to the recommendations of its five-year statutory review. The core functions of advocacy, strategic planning and systemic reviews will characterise most of its work. Candidates with deep understanding of the art and science of reform, leading change and effective engagement are also encouraged to apply.  

Successful applicants will be appointed from 1 December 2018. The length of term will be two or three years.  

Eligible appointees will attract a daily fee of $750, subject to change as per Premier Memorandum. Part-time Deputy Commissioners will work up to four days per month, 48 days per year, depending on Commission requirements and their own substantive obligations.  Public servants are not eligible for daily fees. Read the Remuneration Policy here.  

Up to three part-time Deputy Commissioners will be appointed. A matrix approach will be taken to selection of successful candidates. That means that it is not necessary that you meet all the desired characteristics of the role. The selection panel will look for a mix of successful candidates that between them hold all the required skills and experience for the Commission’s work. 

Expressions of interest closed on Friday 21 September 2018

Interviews will take place on Friday 12 October 2018 

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Last updated: 24 September 2018