13 February 2019, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Conference Room 2, Level 2, Gosford Hospital, Holden Street, Gosford, NSW 2250


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In this 2 hour workshop participants will be introduced to the concept of stepped care in mental health, specifically in the context of the way mental health problems present and are managed. The history and thinking behind the development of the stepped care model will be discussed, as well as its advantages of the approach for the patient and the mental health system generally.

Current Black Dog Institute research around the implementation of the model will be discussed. Case examples will be used to demonstrate the development of a case formulation and its use in matching the intensity of treatment to severity of illness.

Simple psychological support strategies and cognitive behavioural therapy interventions which can be used in primary care will be discussed and several of those skills (mood charting, structured problem solving) will be demonstrated and practiced in role play.

An overview of the Australian evidence-based online resources available to support work with the mild to moderate end of the severity spectrum of mental illness will be given.

Topics Covered

  • Choosing suitable client for eMH health interventions
  • Introducing the idea of online therapy to clients
  • Matching the specific interventions to the clients preference and needs
  • Strategies for increasing client engagement and adherence
  • Integrating eMH use into management

Learning Objectives

• Identify the place of eMH resources in stepped care for mental health

• Recognise that there are reliable online resources available to help their clients with mild to moderate mental health conditions which can be used in place of or as an adjunct to face to face care.

• Identify clients who would be suitable for online resource use

• Identify at least 3 online treatment programs that may be useful in their practice

• Describe the ways in which they might use treatment programs in their practice

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Last updated: 24 January 2019