10 October 2018, 9am - 2pm

Wallarah Bay Recreation Club, Gorokan, NSW 2263

Free event


An opportunity to unwind for first responders, their families and those who support them 


On October 10th (World Mental Health Day), Behind The Seen will presenting an opportunity to unwind for first responders,(paramedics, firefighters, police, rescue personnel) their family members and those who support their mental health. ( psychologists, doctors, social workers, mental health nurses, peer supporters, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, chaplains, support group facilitators, mental health advocates)

What's it about? 

It's a morning of stress-less tips, inspirational insights and most importantly laughter! Two renowned speakers- Amanda Gore and Greg Van Borssum

It's free - what's the catch? 

No catch. It's free because it's World Mental Health Day. We want to acknowledge that being a first responder means dealing with repeated stressful situations. Exploring lots of different ways to relieve stress is essential to wellbeing. We want to acknowledge the valuable support role first responder family members have- they too face additional stresses as a result of their first responder's commitment. And we want to acknowledge all those people in our communities who genuinely care about and support the mental health of our first responders. By providing this event for free, we're "helping the helpers".

Lunch is free too- we figured some people may want to hang around and chat after the presentations- and we don't want anyone being "hangry!"

So consider it a gift - one which will entertain on the day, and hopefully give you some extra tools for your mental health toolbox. And a chance to catch up with some like-minded people. After all, conversation and connections are great for mental health!

Who are the speakers? 

Amanda Gore is one of Australia’s most renowned award-winning motivational speakers, known for her hilarious, energising yet incredibly inspiring presentations all over the world. She is a physiotherapist with a major in psychology, a master practitioner of neurolinguistics and an expert on communication, relationships and lifestyle and stress. Her no-nonsense, no jargon ( we have to add funny) style has repeatedly been credited to having an impact on the audience far beyond the time of the presentation. Learn while laughing!

Greg Van Borssum (GVB) has achieved incredible success in a variety of areas of life. From bodybuilder (Mr. Australia) and filmmaker (Happy Feet, Mad Max Fury Road), to World Champion (Pistol Shooting), the expert martial artist has overcome adversity, forging a pathway through life using what he calls “the Warrior's code”. For anyone who is looking for ways to become more resilient, adapt to change, or find a new career direction, Greg is guaranteed to inspire and entertain.


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Last updated: 8 October 2018