29 August 2017 5:00pm

Hilton Hotel Sydney NSW

Registration is free.

Register now to be part of this fantastic event. Pre-registration is needed to ensure that numbers don’t exceed the capacity of the venue.


“Mad Pride”™ concert is about celebrating mad culture. The concert will be held at 5.00pm at the Hilton Hotel on Tuesday 29 August 2017. We have consumer performers: singers, musicians, poets and comedians from Australia.
Mad Pride is an International Phenomenon. Mad Pride is set to become the first great civil rights movement of the new millennium. Over the last century, those asserting their rights and self-determination in the fields of race, gender and sexuality have made giant strides forward, but ‘mental health’ issues failed to keep pace. This is set to change…….
Much of the literature around mental health has focused on the ‘victim’ status of mad people. “Mad Pride” on the other hand celebrates madness largely from the perspectives of people labelled with mental illness who refuse to be classed as victims. It asserts the rights of ‘mad’ people without pleading for them, in the belief that we should not push meekly for minor concessions, but instead change the world into a fit place for us to live in.
Mad Pride is not about political correctness. It’s about reclaiming identity from the dishonest caricatures pushed by the media and by anti-mental health groups. Historically Mad Pride events raise an important concern about the globalisation of human rights violations in the psychiatric system.

This event is supported by TheMHS Conference 2017. Learn more

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Last updated: 3 August 2017