28 November 2016

Auditorium Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital
70 Eldridge Road
Bankstown NSW 2200


Across most ethnic and age groupings men are over-represented in measures of poor mental health including suicide and depression. This is a serious challenge not only for the men but for their families and communities. This workshop examines the particular responses of men to depression and suicide and provides strength based approaches that enhance mental wellbeing to assist men to navigate through times of psychological distress and crisis.

Questioning some of the widely accepted views of why men are over represented in poor mental health outcomes, the workshop will use a social determinants framework which can be applied in community, support and clinical settings. Participants will analyse the mental wellbeing impact of the changes over the past 50 years of society’s expectations of men, their traditional roles and notions of masculinity. The workshop will provide a rationale for why the intersection of gender, ethnicity, age and sexuality must be an essential part of any mental wellbeing program as well as in any assessment or therapeutic interventions.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Depression and Suicide in Men - A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Gender and Mental Distress
  • Mental Wellbeing in Men - Key Messages and Approaches
  • Sad Blokes - Understanding men's responses to their depression
  • Sad But Not Dead - Working with the Suicidal Man

This event is organised by the Health Promotion Service, South Western Sydney Local Health District.

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