Commission Event
13 November 2020 2:30pm

Welcome to World Kindness Day! A day where we can connect and spread kindness through our words and actions. 
This year we have seen a remarkable increase in kindness across the globe as we ride the waves of uncertainty with the pandemic.  With Commission staff working from home during this time we found a way to share kindness through our compliment a colleague campaign. Staff were encouraged to write and share compliments with each other virtually to show our appreciation of our colleagues. 

Many touching comments were shared, take a look at some of them below.

To continue sharing the kindness we would like to share some templates with you and encourage you to spread the kindness across your community.

Download Pay a colleague a compliment - Thank you!

Download Pay a colleague a compliment - You rock!

Download Pay a colleague a compliment - You are awesome!







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Last updated: 13 November 2020