Why this is important

Recovery for people living with a mental illness includes all aspects of life, including community participation, employment, education, maintaining social connections, safe housing, and access to quality mental health services. 

People with a mental illness want the same things that everyone else does. Taking part in meaningful activities - whether through connections with family, social and community groups, having a job, volunteering or studying - is crucial to achieving a sense of wellbeing and belonging.  

However, the community environment and its institutions often present barriers for people with mental illness who want to take part in activities that are meaningful for them. This indicator measure is important as it helps the Commission understand if these barriers are being reduced and if our NSW community is becoming more inclusive. 

Indicator: Increase the rate of community participation among people with a mental illness

Indicator measures Current status
Unpaid or volunteer work  30.4%
Participated in social groups  48.6%
Participated in community support groups  31.8%
Participated in civic or political groups  12.3%
Attended cultural and leisure events  82.8%
Psychologically distressed and employed or in the labour force  55.3%
Psychologically distressed and have achieved a high school qualification or greater  74.8%

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Last updated: 4 December 2019