Why this is important

Evidence shows that moving people out of institutional care to community-based mental health care is essential for people to recover from mental illness, so that they can keep their connections to family, carers, friends, work colleagues and school mates. 

Services and supports are best placed where people need them and within their community, with hospitals still playing an important role in supporting people at times when they become unwell and need specialist services. A priority of Living Well is to ensure that mental health services are provided in the community and that hospital stays offer best practice treatments. To achieve this goal, mental health spending needs to be re-balanced so that a greater amount is set aside for community-based mental health services and programs. 

Indicator: Increase the proportion of NSW mental health spending allocated to community-based alternatives to hospital services

Indicator measures Current status
Recurrent mental health expenditure allocated to community-based mental health services in NSW 40.9%
Recurrent expenditure compared to other jurisdictions allocated to community based mental health services (Rest of Australia – All except NSW) 57.8%

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Last updated: 5 September 2019