Indicators are a way of measuring changes in the population. They can show the collective effort of investment, programs and policies, which impact the mental health outcomes for people living in NSW. 

These ten indicators were released at the time of Living Well.  These indicators have been reviewed and will be updated after a series of public consultations and technical advice.  

The Commission will be releasing a set of new outcome areas and indicators of reform gradually on the website from late-2020. 

Take a look at our original indicators based on Living Well and see how mental health reform is tracking according to the latest interactive data. For further information on the specifications of the data and associated limitations please download our Technical Report  below.

Click through to see a range of data sets for the following areas: 

Indicator 1 - Mental health and wellbeing

Indicator 2 - Psychological distress

Indicator 3 - Discrimination

Indicator 4 - Participation

Indicator 5 - Peer workforce

Indicator 6 - Experience of service delivery

Indicator 7 - Suicide

Indicator 8 - Mental health spending

Indicator 9 - Involuntary treatment orders

Indicator 10 - Prison population

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Last updated: 22 September 2020