Key themes in Central and Eastern Sydney

Analysis for the Central and Eastern Sydney region utilised written notes from one consultation in Central Sydney (attended by around 48 people) with photos of the butcher’s paper also available. From the materials available the following key themes were distilled:

  • Awareness and community support, improved community awareness of mental health, local partnerships and innovative community programs 
  • Peer workforce
  • Access to service, improved access and awareness, short-term supports, increased Indigenous services
  • Funding, funding for services is generally short-term – need long-term funding
  • Education, lack of education in schools, need cultural awareness training, improved awareness of different types of illnesses

In addition, the following key themes emerged in response to the questions: what is working well, what are the challenges, and what are the priorities?


What is working well in Central and Eastern Sydney?

What is working well? Qualifiers/examples

Awareness of mental health, and diverse

communities; People are more aware of services


Increase in co-design with mental health

and peer workers

Crisis care
Shift in culture; Shifted worry about crisis care
Connections with young people Early intervention with young people and children
Community engagement Local partnerships; Innovative community programs


What are the challenges in Central and Eastern Sydney?

What are the challenges? Qualifiers/examples
Visibility of services Knowing what is out there; Where to go for help is confusing

Lack of access to refuges for people experiencing DV;

limited mental health sessions; Waiting lists; Telephone supports

and accessing services is difficult; Lack of response from crisis team

and local hospital; Aboriginal response in Aged Care has failed

Education Lack of education in schools; Cultural awareness training
Workforce Capacity and demand; Peer workforce scaled up
Funding for services and short-termism 


What are the priorities in Central and Eastern Sydney?

What are the priorities? Quailifiers/examples
Commissioning and collaboration LHD; Government PHN
Funding Long-term funding
Accessibility Easy accessibility for services and awareness like a contact centre
Co-design and peer workforce

Increasing co-design and peer workforce; Increase to other communities;

People are the experts

Services for young people

Specialised services for young adults; Using social media

and online services; More services for young people and young carers;

Infant and child and family mental health

Stigma and discrimination Appropriate language and reduce stigma; Employers and discrimination
Planning Planning at a systems level


Download the PDF of Key Themes in Central and Eastern Sydney

The Mental Health Commission of New South Wales acknowledges the contribution of The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), who were engaged to conduct a qualitative data analysis for the mid-term review of Living Well.