Key themes: Western Sydney

Analysis for the Western Sydney region utilised written notes from one consultation in Homebush (attended by around 44 people) and photos of the butcher’s paper were also available. From the materials available the following key themes were distilled:

  • Funding, in terms of length of funding of contracts and funding cycles
  • Peer workforce increasing
  • Increasing awareness of mental health in the community
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Visibility of services, particularly in terms of navigating the system
  • Visibility and access of services
  • Diversity, incorporating culturally linguistically diverse programs

In addition, the following key themes emerged in response to the questions: what is working well, what are the challenges, and what are the priorities?

West Syd

What is working well in Western Sydney?

What is working well? Qualifiers/examples

Awareness of mental health, and diverse

communities; People are more aware of services

Co-design and peer workforce

Greater number of consumer led programs

and the peer workforce

Diversity Culturally linguistically diverse programs

More assertive outreach in the community

and less admissions

Community engagement

More authentic engagement of carers and

families in service design and planning


What are the challenges in Western Sydney?

What are the challenges? Qualifiers/examples
Visibility of services

Variation between services, same service

and different maze, lack of linkage;

Mental health sector is a maze


Young people who need high levels of care

and can't get it; NDIS long waiting times


Workforce to meet demands and student

development - quality of employees; Workforce gaps

Funding Length of funding, limited contracts


What are the priorities in Western Sydney?

What are the prioities  Qualifiers/examples
Early intervention

Invest in good community care that has

demonstrated success in early intervention;

Early intervention in education system


Funded service to point people towards help;

Simplified tendering process - system standardising

questions; 10-year funding priority

Accessibility Navigation of services
Community based services

Accessible community-based services to avoid hospital,

respite and rehab; Stable housing


Training and remuneration for workers; Training for

non-mental health services; Training for mental health police

Co-design Across each government area

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The Mental Health Commission of New South Wales acknowledges the contribution of The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), who were engaged to conduct a qualitative data analysis for the mid-term review of Living Well.