A discussion guide for you and your health professional

Let's talk about mental health medication

I understand medication is one tool that may help people recover from mental health issues. I would like to learn more about medication by talking to you about:

  • Treatment options: What medication alternatives are there that can help me? What else may help my recovery?
  • Side effects: What side effects may I experience if I take this medication?
  • Costs: What are all the costs I could face if I take this medication?
  • My involvement: How will you include me in treatment decisions?
  • Recovery goals: Does this medication suit my lifestyle and recovery goals?
  • Medication review: How and when will we talk about how I am going on this medication?
  • Information sharing: What can I tell you to help make sure this medication is safe and helpful for me?

Find out more about how to make sure your mental health medication is safe and effective - watch our video stories about taking medication.

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Last updated: 28 June 2017