The Health Literacy Initiative is a transformational program aiming to improve outcomes for people with lived experience of mental health issues, their carers and kinships groups. Organisational health literacy tools and resources will be developed through co-design and co-production with people with lived experience and frontline staff. These tools and resources are intended to enhance health service responsiveness to people with lived experience and increase health equity. Once developed, resources will be shared with Primary Health Networks across NSW and their partners in Local Health Districts and Community Managed Organisations.



    The Health Literacy Initiative explained

    The Health Literacy Initiative Explained

    Co-design and co-production

    To support co-design and co-production, the initiative is implementing the Ophelia (OPtimising HEalth LIterAcy) process. This process is led by a consortium which includes Swinburne University of Technology in collaboration with University of New South Wales and University of Newcastle. So far the process has involved:

    • Analysis of Health Literacy Questionnaire data for people across NSW including people representing eight priority groups
    • Development of vignettes to describe common health literacy profiles
    • Ideas generation workshops with people with lived experience and frontline staff.


    State-wide scale-up

    The program will be holding two state-wide symposiums in November 2020. These symposiums will provide an opportunity for organisations in primary care, specialist health settings and the community together with people with lived experience of mental health issues and caring to co-produce organisational health literacy approaches. It is intended that these approaches will be regionally focussed and rolled out across NSW over the next 18 months. 

    Read about the initiative's inaugural workshop held in November 2019.

    What is Health Literacy?

    What is health literacy?

    Tools and resources

    Ophelia (OPtimising HEalth LIterAcy) manuals and templates have been made available for use in the Health Literacy Initiative.

    View the Ophelia manual

    View the Ophelia templates and additional resources