Reviewing progress in mental health reform

The Commission is undertaking a mid term review of Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014 – 2024, the 10-year plan for mental health reform in NSW.  As part of this review, the Commission has been consulting with a broad range of stakeholders around NSW to consider the progress that has been made against Living Well over the first five years and to identify priorities and opportunities for the remaining five years of the strategy.  The Commission is working to finalise the Living Well 2020 – 2024 strategic plan. The plan will guide the Commission, NSW Government and the wider community on mental health and wellbeing priority actions for the next five years.

Local examples of reform

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The Commission has been holding local consultations along with a range of roundtables and agency meetings to gather local information and learnings on reform initiatives that demonstrate progress and align with at least one of the following domains highlighted in Living Well

•    Making it local
•    Getting in earlier
•    Better responses
•    Care for all
•    Putting people first
•    Right type of care

Read the definitions of the domains here.

Community survey report

During the Living Well mid term review, the Commission conducted an online community survey to gather views from as many people as possible about the progress of mental health reform in NSW. The Commission received 1,165 survey responses. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) analysed the results and developed a report.

Download the AIHW community survey report.

Literature reviews and evidence checks

In addition to regional consultations, the Mid-term review of Living Well is informed by evidence including a range of literature reviews and/or evidence checks.

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Thank you for your participation

It has been a privilege to travel around NSW and learn from the voice and expertise of people with lived experience of mental health issues and caring, families and kinship groups, mental health and social support service providers and community members. We are grateful for the opportunity to hear from you about progress, challenges and future priorities for your region. Thank you for participating and sharing your experiences and expertise with us.

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