Checking in five years on

The Commission is undertaking a mid term review of Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014 – 2024, the 10-year plan for mental health reform in NSW.  As part of this review, the Commission has been consulting with a broad range of stakeholders around NSW to consider the effort that has been made against Living Well over the first five years and to identify priorities and opportunities for the remaining five years of the strategy. The Commission will be providing advice to the Minister for Mental Health about potential priorities for reform.

Local examples of reform

The Commission has been holding local consultations along with a range of roundtables and agency meetings. The purpose of these consultations is to gather local information and learnings on reform initiatives that demonstrate progress and align with at least one of the following domains highlighted in Living Well

•    Making it local
•    Getting in earlier
•    Better responses
•    Care for all
•    Putting people first
•    Right type of care.

View the examples of reform or click the tiles below to learn more about the ten regions we visited.

Living Well Resources

Living Well language guide
Living Well domains

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