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Program Overview

LikeMind is an innovative consortium model providing integrated and coordinated access to services for adults (aged 18-65 years) experiencing mental health issues. Services are provided across four streams: Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Primary Care and Social Recovery and Vocational supports. They are delivered by a consortium of partner agencies who are either co-located on site or provide an in-reach service to the site. LikeMind provides support for adults with a mental health issue and their family and carers.

LikeMind is a program funded by the Ministry of Health. There are four LikeMind centres in NSW, two in Sydney, one in Orange and one in Wagga Wagga. LikeMind Orange was originally a three-year pilot program and the Mental Health Branch of the NSW Ministry of Health has extended the funding for a further three years. Aftercare is the lead agency for LikeMind Orange and Wagga Wagga. 


People experiencing mental health issues often need a range of services to support their recovery and these services can be difficult to find. By co-locating clinical and psychosocial services, the LikeMind model aims to deliver seamless person-centred care by providing triage, assessment, treatment, care coordination and discharge planning through a single point of contact.


The LikeMind pilot commenced in 2015 and the Orange site was established in 2016. Orange consortium members and partners include: 

  • WNSW LHD Acute and Continuing Care Team (ACCT) 
  • Drug and Alcohol Services 
    • Lives Lived Well – one day and one SMART Recovery group per week
  • Employment and Training services – Orange Community Training and Education Centre (OCTEC) and Job Centre attendance at site
  • Housing Plus - Housing and Operation Courage
  • PSYCH2U (telehealth psychiatry) - weekly
  • Mission Australia – Social Support visit 
  • Wellways – Housing and Psychosocial supports
  • Centacare – Family and Carers 
  • Interrelate – Post separation support; presently clients attend their own centre however there are discussions occurring about attending site regularly

Since inception LikeMind and consortium partners have provided services to more than 3,500 individuals.

Outcomes and next steps

LikeMind Orange recently conducted a series of community consultations (involving service providers and people with a lived experience of mental health issues and caring). These consultations obtained feedback regarding how LikeMind Orange can better meet the needs of the Orange community. Feedback from these consultations included strong agreement for LikeMind, and the wider Orange community to have more psychologists and therapists who can provide free psychological services (Better Access). This need was strongly endorsed by both consumers and by local organisations and providers. LikeMind Orange has a variety of recruitment strategies and measures, including advertising in surrounding major cities and towns to attract psychologists to service this region.


Consultation feedback also highlighted a need for increased clinical and non-clinical group programs for the community.  LikeMind Orange is in discussions with different community organisations about potential group programs and other services that could run from the LikeMind centre.  In addition, LikeMind expects to increase regular group programs with Aftercare in 2020.