Northern Sydney consultations: May 2019

The Commission visited communities in Northern Sydney and the Northern Beaches in May 2019. We had the privilege of learning about a variety of innovative initiatives and programs that are improving mental health and wellbeing in the region. Watch the video showcasing the Skillness initiative and click the links below to learn about other examples of reform in the region.

Living Well Mid-Term Review: Skillness (North Sydney)

What is working well for the North Sydney region?

People attending our Chatswood consultation reported that: 

  • local collaboration between services is improving, 
  • services for young people such as headspace, school programs and youth hubs are improving, 
  • there is growth in using the expertise of people with lived experience and an increase of peer workers, 
  • there are more available online programs for mental health supports, 


What are the challenges for the North Sydney region?

People attending our consultation in Chatswood consultation reported that: 
many people experience issues accessing the NDIS, 

  • the rapid commissioning of programs and short funding cycles affects the whole community and adds to confusion about what is out there when programs change, 
  • there is lack of accountability for the quality of mental health services, 
  • the mental health workforce needs upskilling, including the improvement of culture in some services, such as emergency departments, 
  • there is a lack of services for people with eating disorders. 
North Sydney

What are the priorities for the North Sydney region?

People attending our consultation in Chatswood ranked the following as top priorities for the next steps for future effort in mental health reform: 

  • improve pathways to accessing the NDIS
  • improving the culture of mental health services and upskill the mental health workforce, 
  • improve the visibility of services and provide transparent information about what they do
  • increase the length of funding cycles.  

Living well means?

Workshop participants took part in a digital activity that captured a one word response to the question, Living well means?

Artwork created by our graphic scribe

For each consultation, a graphic scribe produced artwork to outline the primary points of the consultation. You can view the artwork by clicking through the slideshow, or download below.

Artwork from the consultation which took place in Chatswood can be downloaded below. 

PDF iconDownload here.  (7.65 MB)