South Eastern NSW consultations: March 2019

The Commission visited communities in South Eastern NSW in March 2019. Feedback from our community consultations in Batemans Bay and Bega have been compiled into a summary.

Regional profile

Download the South Eastern NSW regional profile to learn more about the area.

We had the privilege of learning about a variety of innovative initiatives and programs that are improving mental health and wellbeing in South Eastern NSW. Watch the video showcasing the Safe Space initiative and click the links below to learn about other examples of reform in the region.

Showcasing: the Safe Space initiative

Workshops participants took part in a digital activity that captured a one word response to the question, what helps you to live well in the community?

Artwork created by our graphic scribe

For each consultation, a graphic scribe produced artwork to outline the primary points of the consultation. You can view the artwork by clicking through the slideshow, or download below.

Day 1 of the South Eastern NSW consultation which took place in Bega can be downloaded below. 

Day 2 of the South Eastern NSW consultation which took place in Bateman's Bay can be downloaded below.