South Western Sydney Consultations: June 2019

The Commission visited communities and held consultations in South Western Sydney in June 2019. Feedback  from the workshops in Tahmoor Bowral and Bankstown has been compiled into summaries. 

Regional profile

Download the South Western Sydney regional profile to learn more about the area.

Video showcasing mental health reform in action

We  had the privilege of learning about a variety of innovative initiatives and programs that are improving mental health and wellbeing in South Western Sydney. Watch the video showcasing the Tahmoor Integrated Subspecialty Clinic and click the links below to learn about other examples of reform in the region.

Living Well Mid-Term Review: Integrated Subspecialty Clinic in Tahmoor (South Western Sydney)

View the images created by our graphic scribe

For the main consultation in each region, a graphic scribe documented the day's conversations and themes visually through a series of illustrations.

The graphic scribe illustrations from the South Western Sydney consultation held in Bankstown can be downloaded below or click the image to view as tiles.

Photo galleries from our consultations and sit visits throughout the region, reproduced with permission are viewable below.

PDF iconDownload here.  (9.63 MB)