Reliable data is essential to understanding how people experience their mental health, and how mental health and social support systems respond to them. This is the evidence that can make the case for change, and reveal whether mental health reforms are effective in improving people’s lives.
The Commission is working with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, universities, the NSW Government and others to increase the amount and quality of data available on the NSW mental health system, including developing and analysing new data-sets and linking existing ones.
The Commission has also created a suite of interactive presentations and snapshots which make NSW mental health-related data more accessible to consumers, academics and the whole community. Our interactive data pages currently include: a set of analyses on patterns of mental health service and pharmaceutical use in NSW; population health data that shows associated health behaviours and outcomes for people with high to very high psychological distress in NSW; and mapping of suicide rates across NSW, including by age and Aboriginal status. These will be added to over time.

Living Well Action 2.1.5 and 5.3.6

Last updated: 28 June 2017