This project will research and document the evidence base for implementing trauma-informed, recovery-focused mental health care in justice and corrections systems. Despite the good will of many, the availability of such care to people in the criminal justice system has lagged behind its availability to those in the general community. Factors that contribute to this include the difficulty of delivering services in highly secure environments and the tension that exists between services’ functions to both punish and rehabilitate people. In early 2017, researchers contracted by the Commission conducted a literature review and two surveys, the first with people who have mental health issues and who have had contact with the criminal justice system, and the second with professionals who work in the forensic/criminal justice system. The findings will be provided to the Commission in mid-2017. The results will provide guidance to those who work in and operate the NSW criminal justice system on how trauma-informed, recovery oriented mental health care can be further implemented and strengthened.
Living Well Action 6.6
Last updated: 28 June 2017