Key themes in Nepean Blue Mountains NSW

Analysis for the Nepean Blue Mountains region utilised written notes from the Lithgow (attended by around 57 people) and Penrith (attended by around 55 people) consultations  the following key themes were distilled:

  • Improving collaboration
  • Increased communication and awareness of services
  • Access to and availability of services
  • The importance of peer support and co-design
  • Including lived experience
  • Trauma informed care

In addition, the following key themes emerged in response to the questions: what is working well, what are the challenges, and what are the priorities?

What is working well in Nepean Blue Mountains?

What is working well? Qualifiers/examples

Increase in the voice of Lived Experience

Peer Workforce and Consumer Advisory Groups.


More services in the community

Access to early intervention

People have more choice.

Communication and awareness

More communication and awareness in the community

Local politicians engaged in mental health

Increase in open dialogue; Less stigma.


Increase in local collaboration, forums, meetings, co-located services

Strong collaboration with local services.

Community engagement

Walk and Talk

Men's Shed

 Beehive saleability

 Beehive; Park run


Live Better

Meals on Wheels

What are the challenges in the Nepean Blue Mountains?

What are the challenges? Qualifiers/examples
Social determinants


Uni closed


Drug addiction and financial assistance

Employment opportunities



Poor visibility of services

Poor communication and coordination between providers

Lack of coordination.


Staff turnover

Workforce issues

No psychiatrist or psychologist.


Wait list

What happens if you don't get in?


Funding limitations

Short-term cycles

Programs funded for programs not people

Different organisations having different funding streams.

Crisis support

Lack of crisis support

Lack of crisis services.

What are the priorities in the Nepean Blue Mountains?

What are the priorities? Qualifiers/examples
Lived experience Listen to lived experience
Funding and resources

Funding going to the correct areas

Longer funding cycles

Sustainable resourcing to peer workers

Long-term funding.


Shift stigma

Reduce stigma

Keep educating the public about mental health

Sharing positive stories of mental health recovery.

Visibility of services Improve the visibility of services - more hubs.
Boundary between services

Change the boundary between services

Better pathways between public and private services.

Engaging with youth

More programs in schools

School interventions and school-based support needs scaling up.


Download a PDF of the key themes in Nepean Blue Mountains

The Mental Health Commission of New South Wales acknowledges the contribution of The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), who were engaged to conduct a qualitative data analysis for the mid-term review of Living Well.