11 February 2020

The Mental Health Commission of New South Wales is calling for Aboriginal artists or designers to submit their Expression of Interest to produce a piece of artwork for use in our publication on Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing.

About this project

The project aims to document innovative models of non-clinical care focused on social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal people. It highlights essential elements of care that can be shared with other organisations in NSW working with Aboriginal people experiencing mental health problems and their families and carers.

The project was led and informed by the Aboriginal community at all stages.

Artwork concept

The artwork will be used for promotional material in relation to the Commission’s Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing – Models of Care (ASEWB) Project.

The purpose of the artwork is to provide visual representation of what Social and Emotional Wellbeing means for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and how it impacts on every aspect of life.

'The term social and emotional wellbeing is used by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to describe the social, emotional, spiritual, and cultural wellbeing of a person. The term recognises that connection to land, culture, spirituality, family, and community are important to people and can impact on their wellbeing. It also recognises that a person’s social and emotional wellbeing is influenced by policies and past events.' (Social and Emotional Wellbeing - Health Topics - Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet. (2019). Retrieved 16 August 2019, from https://healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/learn/health-topics/social-and-emotiona...)

Key themes that could be potentially included in the artwork are:

  • Wellbeing
  • Culture
  • Mental health 
  • Spirituality
  • Healing
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health
  • Community control

The artwork will be used on promotional material that will be developed as part of the ASEWB Project such as documentation and resources.

Submitting an EOI

You should submit concept designs on A3 sized paper or as an email attachment. The design should be accompanied by a supporting statement/story describing the artwork as part of the EOI. Individual and collaborative works are accepted as are contemporary and/or traditional art forms.

Closing date: 5:00pm on the 2nd March 2020.

Please submit all applications to marked:
Sage Green Mental Health Commission of New South Wales, Locked Bag 5013, Gladesville NSW 1675 or via email to: sage.green@mhc.nsw.gov.au

Successful submission

The fee for the work is $2,500 including GST: $1,000 payable on acceptance of the design; and $1,500 payable on delivery of the final artwork.

Read the terms and conditions here.

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Last updated: 10 November 2020