24 July 2020

A new Community Advisory Council (Council) has been appointed by the Minister for Mental Health. The new 15-member Council, identified through an Expression of Interest process managed by the Commission and presented to the Minister for consideration, is made up of representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds that reflect the diversity of NSW. The Council supports the Commission to better understand the issues that affect the mental health and wellbeing of people in NSW.

The Commission welcomes eleven newly appointed members and four reappointed members to the Council whose appointment runs from 20 May 2020 until 20 November 2022.

“The new members are a wonderfully talented, diverse and experienced group of individuals, who will add significantly to the drive, purpose and vision of the Commission,” said NSW Mental Health Commissioner Catherine Lourey.

Reappointed members:  

  1.  Miss Ann Baker
  2.  Mr Craig Mack
  3.  Miss Heidi Keevers (Deputy Chair)
  4.  Mr Steven Stanton

Newly appointed members: 

  1.  Ms Carmel Tebbutt (Chair)
  2.  Associate Professor Faye McMillan
  3.  Ms Helen Pokorny
  4.  Dr Jonathan Ho
  5.  Ms Kathi Boorman
  6.  Mrs Katie Tonacia CF OAM
  7.  Mr Khaled Kamalmaz
  8.  Mr Nicholas Kosseris
  9.  Dr Paul Fung
  10.  Ms Robin Scott
  11.  Ms Sandra Morgan

In November 2019, the Commission farewelled its previous Council members with a staff morning tea and a letter of thanks and acknowledgment from the Minister for Mental Health. 

Thank you to the following former Council members for providing the Commission with thoughtful insights, substantial knowledge and support during their time on the Council. Their contributions have greatly enhanced the Commission’s work. 

Ms Jenni Campbell Morgan - Chair
Dr Josey Anderson
Ms Lyn Anderson
Ms Maria Cassaniti
Ms Irene Gallagher
Mr Gary Groves
Mr Andrew Johnson
Mr Eugene McGarrell
Dr Rod McKay
Hon. Dr. Brian Pezzutti
Dr Jaelea Skehan
Mr Ibrahim Taha            
Mr Alan Woodward

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Last updated: 10 November 2020