John Feneley
12 June 2015

On Tuesday 9 June the Commissioner launched the NSW Wellbeing Collaborative, a group of government and community-managed organisations that are working towards wellbeing.

"Improving wellbeing is not the sole responsibility of one agency. It is our responsibility as individuals, and the responsibility of all agencies under the NSW Government and the community. 

"Wellbeing is everybody's business," John Feneley said.

The Collaborative supports wellbeing initiatives, shares knowledge about wellbeing and promotes innovative and successful wellbeing activities.

The establishment of a NSW Wellbeing Collaborative is listed as an action in the Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014 - 2024.

The NSW Wellbeing Collaborative is supported by the NSW Mental Health Commission.

For further information about the Collaborative visit

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Last updated: 24 June 2017