3 October 2019

In August 2019, the Mental Health Commission of NSW farewells Allan Sparkes CV, VA, who stepped down from his role as Deputy Commissioner after three years.

“Allan’s leadership in first responder mental health and suicide prevention has been an outstanding contribution to the work of the Commission,” says Catherine Lourey.

“I thank him for his energy, tenacity and warmth, particularly on community consultations, as Allan recently co-facilitated consultations in Campbelltown and Sydney and visited local services with the team. 

“His commitment to advocating for the voice of lived experience is evident in the many speeches and events that he attended as a Deputy Commissioner is to be commended, as well as his generosity in sharing his experience and expertise as a former policeman.

“We wish Allan well in his future and thank him for his promotion of good mental health and wellbeing, as well as his contributions to the work of the Commission,” says Ms Lourey.

Allan has recently been made a fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales and a Director of the Gidget Foundation Board and will continue his suicide prevention advocacy work.

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Last updated: 8 October 2019