MWIA trainers - Mental Health Commission of NSW
14 September 2016

Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment (MWIA) Screenings are making it easier for NSW-based organisations to understand how their policies, programs and services impact on the mental wellbeing of individuals, stakeholders, and communities.

In August 2016, the Commission partnered with the Department of Education, iCare and the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health (CRRMH) to train staff in how to conduct the assessments and apply them to the work of their agencies.

The training model was developed in the UK and it has been highlighted in the UK government’s mental health outcomes strategy. So far, nearly 300 people have been skilled to conduct the assessments, allowing mental health impacts to be a much greater consideration for organisations in their planning.

Maudsley International was engaged to deliver the MWIA Screening training program in Sydney. Each participating organisation had the opportunity to put the new skills into practice when staff members implemented their learning in actual agency scenarios.

As outlined in Living Well, the benefits of MWIAs include:

  • focusing attention on inequalities and the social factors that can impact negatively on mental health;
  • shifting resources and services so that they foster positive mental wellbeing; and
  • stakeholders developing a shared understanding of mental wellbeing.

All NSW government agencies are required to develop a mechanism to include wellbeing impact assessments in the development or review of policy and legislation.

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Last updated: 24 June 2017